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Volume 2
Volume 2 Cover.jpg
Full Name Imōto to Sekai de Ichiban Omoshiroi Shōsetsu
English My Little Sister and the Most Interesting Novel in the World
Kanji 妹と世界で一番面白い小説
Classification Light Novel
Date of Release May 10, 2014
ISBN Numbers 978-4-04-866531-5
Number of Pages 337
Cover Masamune

Yamada Elf

Volume 1 Volume 3

Recurring Characters

New Characters


Significant Events

  • Elf meets Sagiri through a webcam.
  • Sagiri befriends Megumi.
  • Masamune meets Muramasa.
  • Masamune joins the World Light Novel Tournament.
  • Elf teams up with Masamune to defeat Muramasa.
  • Sagiri gets out of her room to defend Masamune from Muramasa pushing him down.
  • Muramasa confesses her love to Masamune and gets rejected.
  • Masamune wins the tournament.

Series Referenced

Reference to Authors previous work

  • Yamada Elf mentions the game Siscalypse, which was created and mentioned often in OreImo.


  • Yamada Elf shows the Stats and "abilities" of herself, Masamune, and Senjyu Muramasa.