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Sagiri's Mother
Sagiri's Mother.png
Kanji 紗霧の母
Kana さぎりのはは
Romaji Sagiri no Haha
Debut (Anime) Episode 1 (voice only)
Episode 11
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuka Iguchi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Silver
Nationality Japanese
Skin White
Work & Relations
Love Interests Kotetsu Izumi
Family Kotetsu Izumi (Husband)
Kyouka Izumi (Sister-in-Law)
Masamune Izumi (Step-Son)
Sagiri Izumi (Daughter)

Sagiri's mother was the mother of Sagiri Izumi and the second wife of Kotetsu Izumi. Through her marriage, she became the stepmother of Masamune Izumi.

Her full name has not been revealed.


She is shown to be a talented illustrator, typically working in a small space in her apartment she shared with Sagiri before her marriage. At some point, she marries Kotetsu and eventually introduces Sagiri to her new stepfather and step-brother.

It is implied that at some point during their honeymoon trip that she and Kotetsu died in an accident. In a brief flashback during the later half of the first episode, Masamune is shown mourning at the family alter with pictures of Kotetsu and Sagiri's mother now added next to his first wife, while Sagiri covers her ears and hides in her room.

She is briefly heard in the first episode of the anime, though her face is obscured. Her face is fully shown in the eleventh episode when Sagiri talks about her childhood and developing her drawing skills.

She also makes a brief appearance in the 2nd OVA, when Sagiri thinks about when she was sick and her mother took care of her.


Like Sagiri, she has long silver hair that she ties into a long braid with a pink ribbon and draped over her left shoulder. She also has blue eyes. She is shown usually wearing a pink sweater over a purple one piece dress and a necklace with a mini pink ribbon on it.

While she is working in her office, she is shown wearing a long purple shirt with a rabbit's face over the chest and white slippers.


She is shown to be a caring mother, showing concern when Sagiri refuses to go to elementary school and making sure to comfort her after she caught a cold. She also praised her daughter for her drawing skills, even offering to teach her.

Like Sagiri, she has a perverted side and particularly enjoys drawing erotic images, even becoming excited as she draws a pair of panties before Sagiri interrupts her and asks her to teach her to draw. She is also a bit surprised when Sagiri points out that she learned her panty fetish from her.


  • Izumi Kotetsu - Husband
  • Izumi Kyouka - Sister-in-Law
  • Izumi Masamune - Step-Son
  • Izumi Sagiri - Daughter



She is shown to be a talented illustrator, often focusing on erotic female art.


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