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The house where Masamune and Sagiri live. It is located in Tokyo and is next door to the Crystal Palace.


Before his father's remarriage, Masamune lived in the house with his father by himself. His father bought the land while there were rumors of it being haunted, though he, along with his wife, decided to ignore it and built a house there. Eventually, Sagiri and her mother moved into the house as well, until Masamune and Sagiri's parents died, leaving the house in their possession. Sagiri's "Never Opened Room" was created after Sagiri and her mother moved in with Masamune and his father.


The house is two stories. It has a kitchen and bathroom. The "Never Opened Room" is above Masamune's room.

The Never Opened Room

Sagiri's bedroom, dubbed by Masamune as the "Never Opened Room", is usually where Sagiri spends all her time. It is is behind the "Never Opened Door" with a heart shaped brand with Sagiri's name written on it and is used as Sagiri's work station. It is an eight tatami mat sized room, with many figures inside and colorful curtains. The bookshelves are filled with light novels, manga, and games. Inside it a computer, television and work desk are inside. The room also has a large window and is across from Elf's house.