Episode 02 on April 16, 2017.


Jinno Megumi, the class representative for Sagiri's class, shows up at the Izumi residence with no prior warning. Her mission is to "take Sagiri to school." The determined Megumi is pushy, yet Sagiri is firm in showing that she has absolutely no intent of even holding a conversation. Sandwiched between these two, Masamune is bewildered. When Megumi asks him what kind of a girl Sagiri is, he starts to speak his mind, not knowing that Sagiri is listening in...[1]




  • Masamune brings Sagiri snacks in a bag from Sister Mart, which is a parody of Japanese convenience store, Family Mart.
  • Megumi mentions that she likes OnePi, a reference to One Piece .
  • At Takasago Bookstore, among the novels in "Tomoe's Recommendation Corner" are Circlet Girl, Sword Art Online volume 1, Sword Art Online Progressive volume 1 and Tora Dora volume 1.
  • On the shelf at Takasago Books, there an obscured copy of A Certain Magical Index volume 4 that can be seen when Masamune asks to get the book signed by Yamada Elf
  • An obscured copy of Re: Zero volume 1 can be seen on the shelf behind Masamune after he attempts to sign one of his own books.
  • During Yamada Elf's visit to Ascii Media Works, there are references to light novels that are published though its Dengenki Bunko imprint:
    • There is a cutout of Yotsuba Kowai and Cardbo from Yotsuba&! that can be seen in the background near a pillar.
    • A poster for A Certain Magical Index New Testament Volume 08 can be seen on right wall in the background across from the Yotsuba&! cutouts.
    • A poster for Spice and Wolf can be seen on the wall by the exit.


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