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Ayame Kagurazaka
Kanji 神楽坂あやめ
Kana かぐらざか・あやめ
Romaji Kagurazaka Ayame
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1 Chapter 1
Appears in Light Novel
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mikako Komatsu
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday May 15
Blood Type O
Hair Brown
Work & Relations
Occupation Editor
Affiliation Light Novel Industry
ASCII Media Works

Ayame Kagurazaka is an editor working with ASCII Media Works alongside with author Masamune Izumi, a diligent worker and enjoys helping him succeed.


Kagurazaka is an editor at the publishing company and seems to be used to her job.


Kagurazaka is a hard worker and does her best. While she is strict towards writers and difficult, she also acts a bit slovenly and wouldn't mind pushing annoyances on to others. She does also enjoy setting up rivalries with the writers she's in charge of and isn't above giving them a hard time, though she claims neutrality when it comes to picking sides. Likes Jazz.


She has short brown hair and wears a suit. Because of her young face, she looks like a female student in university.


Masamune Izumi

She as his editor and boss is not very gentle with Masamune, but what she does is for his benefit and hopes for his success. While she complains about his writing speed, she still reads his works and comments on them. While she is willing to cause some trouble for Masamune, in the end, it is to help him improve. She also allowed him to join the "World Light Novel tournament" despite it being only for new authors.

Sagiri Izumi

While she has never met Eromanga in person, she thinks highly of her and respects her.

Elf Yamada

She views Elf as a brat and does not think highly of her.

Muramasa Senju

Kagurazaka rates Muramasa highly and even gives her Masamune's address to help fuel their rivalry with each other. She was also willing to tell her a bit about Masamune's history and showed her his first romance novel, knowing she was a fan of his battle series.


Kagurazaku picks out a bunch of negative reviews of Masamune's novel for him to read. This mirrors something similarly done by the character Kuroneko in the author's previous work OreImo to the character Kirino after she successfully sold her novel.

Volumes & Source

Volume 1: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Volume 2: Chapter 3 & Chapter 4